Data Protection

CUSNAG - SERRALHARIA LDA. ("CUSNAG"), legal entity no. 507742567, with headquarters at Rua Augusto Simões, no. 727, fraction A, 4425-626 Maia, established as a priority in its internal policies, the protection of personal data it handles in the exercise of its activity. As such, the present STATEMENT serves the purpose of exposing what personal data is that we process, the respective duration and purpose of processing, as well as our efforts to keep such data protected.

This STATEMENT applies to our website "" and may be changed at any time to the extent necessary for its updating and correction.

PERSONAL DATA encompasses any information, of any kind and regardless of its medium, including sound and image, relating to a natural person that can identify or make it identifiable (i.e. identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more elements specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity).

Clarifications about these technologies...

The concept of PERSONAL DATA integrates not only that information that we commonly associate with you - name and email - but also information such as IP addresses and even regarding behaviors, attitudes and preferences of the user of a website.

... that collect personal data.

That is, as on any other website, we use identifiers such as cookies and other similar technologies (such as scripting and plug-ins), which may collect personal information from our users.

In addition to the data provided voluntarily for the simple use of the site, there are other occasions that may imply that you provide us with personal information - this is what happens when you try to communicate with us.

When you communicate with us.

On our website are available contacts through which you can, if you want, contact us to clarify doubts or to send us a spontaneous job application. Regardless of the reason for the communication, which may be related to technical support or even the treatment of complaints, this data will be provided knowing that it will be used according to the duration of the communication established and the time necessary to resolve the conflict or claim presented.

Our website allows you to submit spontaneous applications, allowing you to upload your CV, at We guarantee that the data provided in the contact form, as well as those contained in your CV, will be treated lawfully. You will receive an automatic reply email, informing you of the time limits for storing the data, asking you to give your express consent if you authorise us to keep them for recruitment purposes.

When we communicate with you.

In addition to those situations in which we use the data provided to respond to possible requests for communication, we may communicate through notices available on our website, by e-mail and even push notifications. This will happen when you have expressly consented to it, or when it results from any legal or contractual provision.

AOur personal data protection policies have been developed to the extent that we know and recognize that an individual's privacy is an increasingly privileged fundamental right. Therefore, whenever you provide us with personal information - either when you register on our site or when you need to contact us - know that you will be protected because you have legally enforceable rights.

Whenever you wish, you can request access or rectification of personal data by sending us an e-mail or by contacting us by telephone. Where applicable and where possible, please identify the matter as one of protection of personal data and, in particular, the claim (e.g. "access to personal data"). Please note that additional information may be required from you, in particular to confirm your identity.

Direct to the point: this means that you can confirm who actually handles your personal data, request access to them if necessary, and edit them, as well as seek information related to their processing - processing times, data categories, associated rights, etc.
What is it?

The right of objection is provided for when the data used is intended to safeguard our own legitimate interests, those of commercial partners or identified public interests, and the user understands that the way in which we handle the personal information that you have provided to us is not the most appropriate for their particular situation or that it does not serve the purposes for which it was provided.

Polishing: we talk about those cases where we use your information, for example, to identify the type of customer we have.

I want to exercise my right!

You can exercise this right of objection by sending us an e-mail with an indication, where possible, of the subject matter as being related to the protection of personal data and, in particular, the claim (e.g. objection to data processing").

We note that additional information may be required from you, and it may not be our obligation to stop processing your data if this is a result of applicable law such as limitation or expiry periods.
If the privacy policies we advocate are not enough and you want to be "forgotten" by our databases.

If it is a concern of the user that we continue to use his/her data, he/she may request their deletion for all or some of the data processed when: he/she considers (or does not consider) that the data are unnecessary for the purposes for which they were collected; if he/she has exercised his/her right to object; if the data are processed unlawfully or for the fulfilment of a legal obligation.

I want to exercise my right!

You can exercise this right by sending us an e-mail. Wherever possible, please identify the matter as one of protection of personal data and, in particular, your wishes (e.g. "erasure of personal data").

Please note that additional information may be requested from you and that the CUSNAG may not be obliged to delete your data if this is the result of applicable law - first and foremost, in relation to limitation periods or forfeiture of rights.
I want to send my data to another entity.

The user can request data portability as long as it is technically possible, in a structured format, of current use and automatic reading, by filling in the form of "REQUEST FOR PORTABILITY OF PERSONAL DATA"

Please note that you may be charged fees associated with this data delivery service.

This DECLARATION aims to be essentially informative, not invalidating that the user who feels harmed in their rights makes use of the appropriate means to their protection, submitting complaints to the National Commission for Data Protection, resorting to legal means or even talking directly to us.

We are committed to ensuring the protection of the security of the personal data made available to us, through the implementation of physical and logical security measures - such as the creation and execution of data protection policies and the adoption of computer security solutions and network systems -, against their dissemination, loss, and improper use, as well as against their treatment, unauthorized access or any other form of illegal treatment.

However, such conduct does not invalidate the fact that all users of the website must adopt additional security measures, such as ensuring that they use an electronic device and a properly configured browser, with active firewall, antivirus and/or other forms of security of a logical or even physical nature.

In the exercise of your activity we may cooperate with third parties other than those referred to in this STATEMENT, as service providers, who may process your data. In these situations and for reasons of transparency, whenever possible these entities will be identified and their treatment of your data.

In any case, you will know that we take appropriate measures to ensure that our partners comply with all their obligations regarding the protection of your data and, ultimately, we will be responsible for their processing.

We will also disclose your personal data when we believe in good faith that this is necessary for related reasons:

  • With legal requirements;
  • With the protection of our customers, for example, to prevent spam or attempts to defraud users of our products, or even to help prevent serious injury or loss of life;
  • Operating and maintaining the security of our products, including avoiding or preventing an attack on our information systems or networks; or
  • With the protection of business rights or property, including the enforcement of terms governing the use of services; however, if we receive information that indicates that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen physical or intellectual property, we do not inspect the customer's private life on our own, but we may report the matter to the authorities.



You may request any information you consider necessary in relation to the processing of your data, warning that a fee may be imposed in the event of unfounded or excessive requests, as well as we may require evidence that you are the data subject who intends to exercise your rights. Please contact our Data Protection Officer directly:

Rua João Ramalho, n.º 141
4200-292 Porto
(+351) 220 995 423